Moving On

Well guys, it's time to spill the beans here on the blog!

We are moving! As many of you may know already, it's been a bit of a long time coming... But let's be real, finding a comfy place is hard!

For the past 10 months, we have been graciously allowed to test out country life (mostly for me of course, because I married my country man!) with the intention of making our stay extended for some time. But not long after the move, we realized that plans were about to change.


Soon, we had knew that as much as we love the country, we needed to be closer to the city. After all, we want to be able to be there for all of our amazing friends and clients! (I know what your thinking "Here we go, newlyweds on the prowl", right?!...) So for the past few months, we had been searching for the perfect place to call home. Let me just say, finding a place that would allow us to create freely, make new memories, and stay or a while is not an easy list to accomplish! While working in Eau Claire for about a year and a half now, we found ourselves falling more and more in love with its potential.

So we finally found it! This April we will be entering our new home. 

It is our wish to be able to take all of you along with us! We can not wait to take you on our new journey.

Look forward to new posts and keep updated as we start the process...I'm sure ill be taking advantage of this and feeding my decor obsession! 

Now that we have the space...What would you all like to see?? Alec and I are thinking about trying out filming some videos if y'all would be interested! *wink wink* Please let us know too, what you thought of our old decor and what new posts and ideas you might be interested in seeing from us! 

With Warmth & Love, 

Alec & Brianna