Hi! We're Alec & Brianna! An Eau Claire based husband and wife professional portrait photography team. We are newlyweds who absolutely love emphasizing beauty and creating confidence.

Hi! We're Alec & Brianna! An Eau Claire based husband and wife professional portrait photography team. We are newlyweds who absolutely love emphasizing beauty and creating confidence.

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I stepped out of the car after my drive home from my best friends wedding and he was waiting for me. Grabbing my bags he tells me to get back into the car, we're going away for the night...

This weekend was a definitely precious one. - Not only was there an amazing, love filled wedding; but an added surprise of the ever so romantic, relaxing night away at my favorite hotel. - Phones to a minimum, no reason to wake up before 7 o'clock and the best brunch a girl could ask for! 

There's something completely romantic about the idea of taking time to truly relax. As a business owner who takes a slight obsession over the concept of balance and its impossible grasp, relaxation and grace play a huge part in our life. So when I asked Alec what he had planned and he said "nothing, we're here to relax," I took advantage of every minute of it! 

Here's 4 reasons why we will always take advantage of a surprise, unplugged "staycation":


1. Getting away from the 'usual' allows you to focus on individual thoughts.

If you are anything like me, your mind is constantly going in 8 different directions (thanks a ton anxiety!!). And because I mostly work from home, that means that home is a place where at least 5 of those thoughts were developed! So when we allow ourselves to step away from what we are used to, we are able to think clearly without our 'everyday' distractions. 

2. Getting away makes taking a break from social media, or media in general, a piece of cake. // Be Present!

I honestly believe that this will forever be something that Alec and I struggle with, as we all do more often than we'd like. When so much of what we do is here online, so much of our time and energy are taken by meaningless posts and propaganda. Rarely are we ever driving our time on social media in a positive direction - to inspire or inform or build value.- So taking even a day, where you are forced to put the phone and laptop away is incredibly refreshing! Though you can ask Alec, its not always the easiest to stop the mindless scroll. 

3. True relaxation allows you to participate in activities you enjoy.

What would happen if you were able to take a few minutes to walk through your favorite park, explore someplace you have never been, catch up on a show you enjoy, or maybe even take a nap!? (okay, maybe I went to far there ;) ) Without the time limit or obligation to get 'all the things' done, we allow ourselves to actually absorb our environment and the energy of those we are around. Too often we take the most beautiful moments for granted. My favorite thing to do is head to the park with Al, walk slow, and breath deeply. Oh! And catch up on Fixer Upper while snuggled in bed! 

4. Being in your ultimate environment breeds happiness.

One of the reasons Alec and I are so obsessed with The Charmant is because the aesthetics are by definition, us! All too often we joke that we would have no problem living there, and more often than not, we dream about what it would actually be like... Cover me in the charm of the brass details and the classic marble everything, and I am set (not to mention the perfect pillows!) What also makes the hotel such a home for myself especially, is the fact it is located in my home away from home. The park across the street is where I used to walk to think before we were married, right by the river. Without a doubt, our trips to The Charmant are inspired by the fact the phrase "I never want to leave" regularly escapes our mouths. Have you found that place? 

Here's to the most aesthetically pleasing hotel I've ever stayed in and the husband who gets just how much I love it.❤🤓

We would love to know where it is you go to just relax and step away from the norm? And what is your favorite activity to do when you get there? Leave us a comment down below!