Sweet Sunday

Sweet Sunday,


Oh sweet fall, you are finally here!! Every year as I get older I realize how amazing you truly are. So bittersweet, but entirely worth the few weeks we have you around. Please bless us with an amazing array of ascending autumn pigments.

Sweet country home, you are a perfect compliment to the cool fall weather. With your warm weekend bonfires and candy-cane evening skies, we welcome you every possible moment. You have provided us a hide away just in time for wedding season, and given us the opportunity to relax in your crisp, fresh air. 

The Barn on Stoney Hill | Cornell Wisconsin Wedding Venue

The Barn on Stoney Hill | Cornell Wisconsin Wedding Venue

Morning routines, you are a blessing! Ali is not a planning man, but with a little persuasion, you have shown him your ways. Now, he gets up when he wanted too and plans out his day nightly. We've got him on to a good start, I think we'll get that man organized yet!

Sweet Miss Annie. You were my oldest friend and my longest love. You were perfect, even though you hated snuggling and yelled at me sometimes... :) that's why we loved you. Your wiggly butt and 'there's always room for treats!' attitude brought so much joy to our family. We miss you so SO very much already. 

Happy sweet, sweet Sunday friends! We hope your weekend was full and that your week be good to you. Remember to take time for whats truly important every single day!