Sweet Sunday


Sweet Sunday, 

After an extra long week that seems to good to be true, Alec and I are back. - I missed you last Sunday. - When living in a world with no reception, in No Where, Wisconsin, its hard to keep updated! Also, this week was our 2nd wedding anniversary and the sweetest (yes, literally!) one yet. 

My Wisconsin, you never cease to amaze me. After taking the weekend to chase your waterfalls, I again, am awestruck. Trips like this remind me that everyone should be allowed to see your beauty. 

Iron River, Wisconsin | Cabin in the woods

Iron River, Wisconsin | Cabin in the woods

Charmant Hotel, you are perfect. Don't change a thing. Your coffee is divine, your rooms are gorgeous, and you come with free truffles...You made me speechless, and that says a lot! Your aesthetics are the epitome of what inspires me, bundled in the most gorgeous hotel. You were the perfect anniversary present. 

The Charmant Hotel | LaCrosse, Wisconsin | Wisconsin Family Photographer 

The Charmant Hotel | LaCrosse, Wisconsin | Wisconsin Family Photographer 

Beloved coffee, you really stepped up your game this week. After having some Kickapoo Coffee, I have to say, coming home to the average joe (see what I did there ;) ) just isn't the same. The Charmant serves the best local Kickapoo coffee, and let me tell ya, that caramel latte was just as smooth as it was cute! :)

Dear healthy eating, after trying every restaurant in downtown LaCrosse, WI, I know its time to switch it up. (Cheese curds may have been consumed!) I've bought an unnecessary amount of tupperware for food prep...so, its on! 

My sweet Ali, We had popcorn with Milkduds for a snack last night and we ate around the popcorn... I think we're doing this healthy eating thing right ;)   -- Oh, and your the best husband in the world! The way you spoiled me this week reminds me of just how very blessed I am to have you in my life. 

Happy Sunday my sweet friends!! May your day be filled with the ones you love and a warm cup of your favorite drink! We have a big week ahead of us!