Its All About Connection | Finding Your Photographer

So your looking for your first family portrait photographer. You've googled, you've scrolled through Insta, you've inevitably searched Facebook, and you've even met awkwardly with a few in every coffee shop in town. You may have even booked with one of them! But something is missing. 'How can I know I can trust they'll make my photos look like the ones I saw online??'

Trust me, I get how your feeling. (Total struggle fest!!) The great thing is, your already on the right track. The key word there is to trust them, and the best way to build that trust, is by creating a connection

Really whether your looking for a wedding photographer, someone for family portraits or headshots, or any photographer you may need, take a minute and ask yourself these few questions.

1. Are you comfortable in your photographers presence? Are you able to relax and enjoy your time with them?

2. Are you able to ask any questions you may have? Are you able to bring out any concerns that may be bothering you?

3. Is your photographer asking you the right questions? Do you feel that they are really trying to get to know you.

Now, you may ask, why is it so important to have a great connection with your photographer? 

Let me ask you this...Have you ever had a photographer that sat you down and started taking photos of you, with no direction on how to sit, where to put your hands, how to pose, really anything? Honestly, it doesn't make for the greatest experience, does it? 

Each and every day, these photos your photographer will be creating for you, will be looked at by you, your family, and possibly thousands of people on social media. If you did have an awkward experience, that feeling will be forever associated with those photos! As photographers, we know the power of the memories that are embedded in each and every photo. Whatever your photos may be, they should always bring back feelings of bliss and excitement. They should feel like the photos you deserve. 

To give you an even better idea of what a difference connection can make, Alec and I put together a quick video for you with the hopes that next time, your search for the perfect photographer only takes minutes! 

Why having a connection with your photographer is so important!

How to build a connection with your photographer and why it is so important | Alec & Brianna Photography Eau Claire, Wisconsin Photographer Team