Lauren and Andrew have an obsession with pizza like no other; which obviously makes them the perfect couple for us!! But besides their love for all things cheesy, these two are the sweetest and most down to earth couple.  

They were engaged in the back yard of their own home on October 9th, with an ambiance of candles and twinkle lights, where after they could share celebratory snuggles with their two beautiful kittens, Jacey and Sarabi. Andrew proposed with a sequence of adorable photos taken just for Lauren spelling out "will you marry me.." with a little flash just for Lauren ("will you eat pizza with me?!"). (SEE! I told you, they are the sweetest!! :) )

For their engagement photos, privileged, I followed these two to some of their favorite spots in Eau Claire. Each location, with its an intimate meaning, brought out a different side of this perfect couple! Included was the infamous Bug Eyed Bettys restaurant to get some amazing pizza, Dixons Apple Orchard, where they will be getting married and the High Bridge for some late night cuddles! 

Read their amazing engagement story here! 

The undeniable love between these two and their unique bohemian style orchard wedding has me passionate about their spring wedding next year!