Sweet Sunday

Fall is here and gone // Our weekly coffee date with you, our sweet friends

Hello sweet friends! Its time we play a little catch up! Here's our weekly updates, two weeks running.

Bayfield WI // Applefest 2016 - As always, going to Applefest was perfect. There's very few places in this world that are so relaxing even filled with so many people. Maybe its in the caramel apples. Maybe the air is clearer there. Or maybe its the honey lattes at Big Water Coffee. But there is nothing quite as special as time spent with the ones you love in a quaint little town like Bayfield. 

Sweet fall season, we are so sad to see you leave! We've finally embraced the last bouquet of the season, thank you to a beautiful wedding at The Barn on Stoney Hill. And we are finally growing to appreciate those gorgeous leaves your dropping. But beyond the grieving of your departure, there is nothing like that cool, crisp, end of fall air.

Our Favorites :

There is something so sweet about having your family or engagement sessions with your fur babies. I absolutely fell in love with sweet Nova here during her parents fall engagement!

Blanket scarves! I think they may have been designed just for photographers! This scarf here has made an appearance so many times this season. Not only is it the warmest scarf ever, but makes for the perfect fall blanket in a pinch! LOL

Speaking of fall sessions!...These two fall engagement sessions were such a dream. Kayla and Cody are so adorable together and have us so excited to shoot their dream wedding next September! And sweet Mikayla, our bestie...What a vision they two are. It was such an honor being able to shoot their rainy day engagement photos.


Connell's Family Orchard, Chippewa Falls + Chippewa River State Trail | Engagement Sessions

Connell's Family Orchard, Chippewa Falls + Chippewa River State Trail | Engagement Sessions

Sweet Ali, spending a day in the rain with our friends at the orchard feels like living those days we always imagine might happen. Seems almost as though we're living a scene from our favorite romantic comedy :). Then there's the impromptu shots by our friends, which are always my favorite, and this one is no exception. Your so handsome! No matter what movie, your my real favorite thing to watch. 

Connell's Family Orchard | Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Connell's Family Orchard | Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin