3 Easy Steps to Better Prepare for Your Family Portraits

Prepping for family portraits can be a hard and complicated process. But we have made it a goal to make this whole experience a lot easier for you, so that you can enjoy the experience and have some beautiful portraits to show for it! So here are 3 easy steps you can take to prepare for your family portraits:

Step 1: Choose the right clothing.

This could be one of the most important aspects of your portraits. Your clothing can truly make or brake how your portraits turn out. Its pretty simple and your photographer should be more than happy to help you choose the right clothing. Although it varies between families, there are some basic things that stay the same. Here they are.

  • Try to wear only solid colors. Stay away from distracting patterns and stripes or big logos.
  • Maintain a color scheme throughout the group, maybe making the children the center of color. Also, steer away from very bright colors or green when shooting in wooded areas. 
  • Be comfortable! Try not to wear anything that would cause you to be uncomfortable; discomfort shows! Remember to also dress for the weather.
  • Start with one outfit you love and build from it for the rest of the family.

(Check out a special Pinterest board we made for you if your looking for some inspiration! Link below.)

Step 2: Know what you are looking for.

This one may be a little bit tricky, because it’s a little vague. We  would mainly like to just point out that you need to know what kind of photographer that you are looking for. Know the style that you want because every photographer is different.

What is most important is knowing how you want to be treated. A good tip for choosing a family portrait photographer is to choose someone that you really feel comfortable with. As obvious as that sounds, many people don't take the time to weed out the right one. Get to know your photographer and understand how they work and what you can expect from your whole experience with them. They could be your photographer for the rest of your life!

Step 3: Listen to your photographer.

If you have selected wisely, and I know you will, make sure that you continue to trust in your photographer. They have most likely put a lot of time into there craft; we personally are always trying to improve! Remember, if the photographer knows you well, then they will most definitely ask for your input at the right time. Your photographer should always know what needs to happen when and how. So trust them and listen to them! That is why you chose them, right?

Has this been helpful? Feel free to send us a message if you have any more questions or would like to inquire about your family portraits.