Doing What Comes Naturally

For the longest time, I believed that passionate people were only passionate about one thing; that one thing that seemed to stir their soul.  Recently, the idea hit me that maybe that wasn't always the case. The greatest thing about it being a new year, is seeing so many people reminded about what they find the most happiness in. Ideally, what makes them, them.

So I held the idea of creating a list of things that I love with the intention to stimulate my creativity. I developed this idea because for a time, I believed that my photography would be the sole source of my passion and creativity. But i realized that passion and creativity are not only encouraged by one thing, but many things that come naturally to you. With this said...

I will...

...sing and dance more (even if its by myself). 

...experiment in the kitchen/develop my own cooking style.

...take photos of everything!..because, why not?!

...drink obscene amounts of coffee with my husband. more makeup. and write more. more. 

I will devote my time to becoming better and pour my energy into learning, practicing and doing the things that make me, well, me

- xo