our story

Like most newlyweds (okay, not most, but at least Alec and I), we decided to challenge the honeymoon idea and move into our new apartment instead. Little did we know, we were doing more that just creating a new start in our home. Not even a week into our newly dedicated life, in between the indecisive furniture moves, random trips to target and the many naps, came a moment of (promise/ridiculousness/insanity/privilege?) As we took a moment to soak in our new start, Alec turns and asks "What if we started a photography business?" Mind you, this is out of no where (part of Alec's spontaneity quality) and had never been discussed before. So I guess you could say the real moment our journey started was first with my permently pondering facial

expression and my vunerable answer "sure, why not!" 

A couple short years (and many inspiring moments) later, Alec & Brianna Photography is now an important part of both our personalities and professions. Our photography business is by far the craziest thing we've ever dove into, but has entirely changed our lives for the better. We believe our photographs are made better because they are created together. And with our unique combination, our attention to detail, and our knowledge of portraits being so much more than just a picture, we are able to garauntee that you will walk away with the most beautiful, professional and inspiring images of yourself that you will ever have!  



Meet the Photographers



Hey there! I'm Brianna Popp ("Bri" for those that want to be friends!) I'm a photographer by choice, wife by purpose and creative by determination. These days, in addition to photography, I spend my time learning or painting new backdrops for our portrait shoots. Photography has been many different concepts during the years, and allows me now to create value in the community and show beautiful families just how amazing they truly are. Especially true to my heart are contemporary portrait shoots. The ability to show women their beauty and their confidence that they may not empower day to day is such a blessing.

I'm married to a handsome guy named Alec, whom with which you find me snuggling with every chance I can get. Alec and I are aspiring night owls, (we're working on it) and like to spend our nights "day" dreaming from our small apartment in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with the help of our coffee machines. Since starting a business, coffee has become our love language. If I'm not working from home, I'm working in one of our local coffee shops.

I believe in lazy, and especially cozy Sundays, allowing grace, and love deep and intellectual conversations. I also believe that every business owner should have a dog, which means I hate the fact that we don't currently have one. I love spending time in the country and think that it is such a luxury to wake up to a sunrise. I love the idea of creating cocktails, but rarely drink and am always asking for wine recommendations that I will someday (hopefully) try. What else? Fixer Upper is my current favorite show. We don't have cable. Black is my preferred clothing color choice. 'Perfectly Imperfect' has become my motto. Oh! And I love pizza, donuts and sarcasm...all way to much. Nice to meet you!



meet Alec

Hi! I’m Alec, a farm grown businessman who has a dream and mission to create growth in your business. I'm a total morning person, which means you'll find me up early, reading a book on sales or business strategy while sipping a cup of joe with enough creamer to make it white.

Brianna, my beautiful wife and I, have been married for almost 3 years now. We both have an unhealthy obsession with coffee. When we meet, there is a good chance that our conversation will turn into one about business goals and where you want to take your business… I am 100% obsessed with learning.

I am very passionate about helping others figure out how to grow their business and seeing others succeed! There are many ways that I could help. Currently I have the privilege of creating professional headshots for individuals and businesses that will make them stand out in the crowded market that we live in.





"Our dream clients love classic style, late nights, spending time with their family, and a great cup of coffee.


They care about the details and how they are treated in the process, above the product. We love being a part of their unique value, their businesses and their inspirational families.

We are so grateful to do what we love."

Our mission


At Alec & Brianna Photography, we believe in the power of a professional portrait. That is why we strive to create value and confidence in each individual we have the honor of working with. It is our goal to create the images you have always dreamed of.